Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Future

Boss: Our new office space is almost ready - we should be moving in a couple of weeks!

Employee: Great news! Do we have a good view?

Boss: Sure! Sitting at your desk, you can look into the future. . .

View from desk - Graveyard

Thursday, September 20, 2007

But of course...

... these are stolen lines too!

Setting: Staff Meeting with CIO

Scene: Program Manager for Vendor Management getting ready to make a presentation on the "India to India Model", aka "i2i".

CIO: Let's get started.
PM: I wanted to share with you...

Just then - An announcement over the Public Address system:

"The Eye Checkup Camp is going to begin in a few minutes. We request all employees to make the most of this opportunity".

Only one person sees the pun in it. It wasn't me, but I at least laughed!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Ask Myself...



- I have no stories to tell.

- I have no flair for writing. I am not even a prolific reader! (Now wait a minute, "prolific reader"? Is that how bookworms reproduce?)

- I am a foodie who likes to EAT, not WRITE about what I ate! Food for thought, eh? (Gawd - that was such a cheesy one!)

- I don't travel a lot. Just a few regular business trips and a once-a-year vacation. (On vacation I'm usually so tired for the first few days that all I do is sleep. By the time I am fresh and ready to begin my vacation, it's already over!) Hence, a travel-post won't really go anywhere...

- I am not politically, technologically or otherwise savvy and cannot offer "out of the box" thoughts on anything, least of all world affairs. (Ummm... affairs of the heart- do I dare or DO I DARE?)

To cut a boring long story short, true to the spirit of this blog, even the idea of blogging is NOT original.

I wish I could say I was "inspired". No, I wasn't. I was in a manner of speaking, "dragged by my hair". Threatened with unmentionable consequences, even.

I have no clue what what I will post, I don't even know that I will post. If nothing else, I will add links from around the world and wish one and all happy clicking!!

So here is a link for all you blog readers -

Happy reading!!